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Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers - the Marine Corps' Battle for Victory Point and millions of other books are available for instant access. view. Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers - The Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom in Afghanistan is a nonfiction book by author Ed Darack published in. Victory Point book. Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Examines the story of Operation Red Wings and Operation Whalers invol.

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Victory Point Book

In late June , media sources recounted the tragic story of nineteen U.S. special operations personnel who died at the hands of insurgent / terrorist. I read the book, thinking that I could possibly use information in it as source material for VICTORY POINT. Information in Lone Survivor. Victory Point reveals the complete, as-yet untold, story of Operation Red Wings ( often mis-referenced as "Operation Redwing"), and the.

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Arrogant commanders and inter-service posturing led to bad command decisions a A very well written and researched book that tells the "why" behind the SEAL team that was compromised and killed during the opening phases of Operation Red Wings as well as what the Marine Corps' 2d Battalion of the 3d Marine Regiment did to clean up the mess and carry out the operation afterward.

Discussion on book "Victory Point"

Arrogant commanders and inter-service posturing led to bad command decisions and a command structure for the mission that doomed the SEALs when they finally managed to call for help. We fetishize special operations forces these days as bearded heroes who are invincible and supermen at every aspect of military operations but the truth is significantly different.

As a military officer with experience working with all branches of the US DoD, many special operations forces, and many foreign forces, I can tell you that they make mistakes just like everyone else.

Operator romance novels like Lone Survivor written by a British fiction writer hand picked by US Navy Special Warfare gloss over the mistakes and tweak the facts to tell a compelling story but they are toxic to those trying to understand the truth and not make the same mistakes.

Em seguida, descreve a Op. Torres got hit twice and the ANA afghan national army commandos that died in that fight as well as their Commander being wounded. Also their are a few descrepencies of how the Ambush started.

Victory Point

First of all the book says that there were two girls standing in the road, the reality is there were half a dozen children, boys and girls. They were there as a distractoin to us.

They were cheering us and smiling, we got distracted by them because we were handing them what little food and water we had left we were only a short distance from the mouth of the Korengal and we didn't need them any more we also handed them money and it made us extremely happy to see how well we were being recieved. However it took our attention off of the mountaintops and left us extremely vulnerable to attack. When the rounds started coming in one of the little girls tried to take cover next to the rock cliff we were trapped next to, CPL Cirencione instinctivly placed himself between her and the attackers he felt had the best chance of hitting her.

There he stayed until the chos of Combat forced him to check on his Marines. Doc Auguon was the one who ran from the front of the platoon to the rear, down a completetly open road that was being riddled with bullets, to try his hardest to rescue George after helping save 3 ANA soldiers that were severely wounded. There Were many many other actions that this deserved the kind of attention that he gave the rest, I am not one of the Marines mentioned by me or Mr.

I guess no amount of pages could truly justify the sacrifices that The Military has made so far from home, I just felt that the Marines who suffered in the Korengal deserved a little more credit then what they got.

The entire book was really well done and I really appreciate the knowledge that I gained from a behind the scenes look at the operations however I feel like he cut the story short by not speaking to the Echo Marines who were in a desperate fight for close to an hour at the bottom of a ravine stuck between a river and a cliff while bullets and RPG's poured down on them.

Kindle Edition Verified download. In the beginning of the book, Mr. Darack does an accurate job of detailing, in a concise but comprehensive manner: The history of armed conflict in Afghanistan and the background on the Russian military involvement and the irony of the importance of Nangalam, where Camp Blessing is located, in drawing the Russian military into Afghanistan in the first place.

The history of the Taliban and how they originated and became a powerful force in Afghanistan. So, before the action even starts, Mr. Darak gives the reader an important history lesson on the units involved, their cultures, methods of operations and the historical backdrop of the operational area. I also supported some operations out of Camp Blessing during the time the SOF units were turning it over to the Marines. From my perspective, this is a very accurate rendition of the challenges faced by units operating within the unusual command structure of the CJTF.

Often the synergy of the units from different services can be very effective and very powerful but when personalities change and units change out, the working relationships can change too. Ed Darak has done a great service to students of military history and documented a very unique chapter in US Military history and Marine Corps history.

This book is also an indictment on the value of a professional embedded journalist during a combat deployment. As I said, the events depicted may well be the highest altitude combat operations in the history of the Marine Corps.

This is an excellent read for those interested in military operations in Afghanistan. Paperback Verified download. The book is a must read in my opinion if you want to learn more about the history of Afghanistan and how they came to be where they are today and all the different provinces and people of that area. While this book does encompass Operation Red Wings, it does not spend a lot of time dwelling on it. It covers more of the build up with operation before that, during, and after.

This book is very detail oriented, to the point where I just had to skip over some of the technical jargon to get to the action of the story. It also details somewhat the history of the Marines, and more so the men involved there, from all branches of the military, and how they all made a difference in the war there. God Bless America and God Bless all our American men and women who fight for our freedom on a daily basis. Be prepared to laugh, cry and pound your fists in frustration.

My heart both cheers on our Marines and Army as they surpass whatever stupidity is commanding them and it breaks that they even have to put up with such an incompetent and self-serving command structure. I served 20 years in the command and control field and witnessed those officers and senior enlisted who only worried about their next promotion.

While frustrating, as in Victory Point, good officers and NCOs will always find a way around it or ignore them altogether. I was in the Air Force - this makes me want to hug every Marine I see. You need to read this book. Reading it for a second time, while waiting for "Extortion 17" to come out.

See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about site Giveaway. This item: Set up a giveaway. Still, only those who were involved in that what took place in Afghanistan June 28th , and those that are "in the KNOW" should have any kind of opinon.

The rest of us must eighter get into the system, or shut the fuck up. A discussions "oh, how can they trash a great hero on the internetz" I think is just plane stupid.

Its their opinion. You will find tons of forums and blogs where people who know about warfare from books, movies and airsoft games claim how poor judgement was made by what ever military organization out there.

This topic is, I belive, unnecessary. Luttrell is a hero, wheter he wanted it or not.

Those that can't take it, probably want in on some of the action. Anyone remember a patrol called Bravo Two Zero? The same bitching went on after that as well.

Discussion on book "Victory Point" | ShadowSpear Special Operations

Plus ca change plus ca meme chose. Queens Cadet said: A boy, yes. Ravage said: I have to laugh at one thing: Get the fuck out of town That is the most batshit ridiculous thing I've read in a long time. As to the SEALs making "mistakes.

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Hell, part of a good AAR is picking apart the mistakes in a critical yet constructive manner so you can learn from them. This, this AARs are going from learning about one's mistakes and how to not repeat them to CYA and the blame game.

I'm one of dozens DOZENS of men and women on this board who have sat in on portions or in some cases all of the SOF planning process and you don't put any sized element on a helo without a gazillion people signing off on it.

Even something that is time sensitive has a "buck stops here" moment before the bird launches. I haven't seen the video in question but I've watched my share of Pred Pr0n. Now, tell me how many cars are on the street. I've seen the Takur Ghar video with Razor 01 and while some detail is discernable other details are not; I'll guess that the video of the recce team is of similar quality.

This author has now clued in on something that a JOC full of people didn't know at the time This dude is clown shoes. Chopstick Verified Estrogen Brigade Member.