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    New English File Students Book Pdf

    Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page New English File Elementary - Students - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. New English File - Elementary - Student's - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

    P vowel sounds, t he alphabet I'm at u n i v e r si ty. Can yo u fi nd at lea t one t hing fro m each section b 1 2 l Li ten a nd repeat the Free Time que tio n wh ich you have in common? Where are you from? What do you do? What are the words? Listen and check. Learn m o re about word order in questions and practise it. Look at the typical spellings of until o mebody ays yes. Then ask the fo llow-up questio n. Continue w ith the other questions, ask ing the e sound s. FDo you drink a lot of coffee! How many cups W hat time Q I spend a lo ng time o n Facebook every day?

    Look at the typical spellings of until o mebody ays yes. Then ask the fo llow-up questio n. Continue w ith the other questions, ask ing the e sound s. FDo you drink a lot of coffee! How many cups W hat time Q I spend a lo ng time o n Facebook every day? How long I see a good film last week? What film Practise saying the letters in each cireie. What kind? Student informationa 1 7 l Listen a nd wr ite s ix firs t names.

    How do you first name surname spell it? I her picture. What two questio ns doe Luke's frie nd In our weekly experiment, single people who are ask him? How does Luke answer the second questio n?

    What is she like? What does she look like? What colour hair does she have?

    He r father is Spanish What is she like? She lives in Brighton and Is she friendly? Is she shy? Then Charlotte goes on a date with each man. I th ink I have a good sense of humour.

    Well, I like interesting 4 What do Alice and Katie have to do? Then what happens? Physically, I prefer men with a really nice sm ile who are taller than me. And c ow read what C harlotte says. With a partner gue I don't usually like men with beards! I like men who the meaning ofthe highlighted words a nd phrase. Can you remember? Both my mum and my best friend know me very 3 W hat kind of men does f doesn't she like? Perhaps Katie could find me a guy who is physically more compatible, but my mother has A 4 W ho does she think is going to choose better?

    I She have a partner at the moment. He hac; brown eyes. H e usee; gla sses to read.


    Which letter do you add to most verbs wi th p Pronunciation of final -s I -es: verbs and nouns he, she, and it? The difference is quite s mall. Learn more abo ut t he present simple a nd prac t ise it. Do you have a friend who is looking for a partner? Find out about them.

    Alexander and Oliver A p. Ask a nd a nswer about yo ur people. D o you th ink the two people are compatible? What did she th ink of h im?

    D oes s he wa nt to see him again? Write a description of ab Listen aga in and write down any adjectives pe rson yo u know. Do you agree w ith her? G present continuous What's the V clothes, prepositions of place woman doing? What ar e t he models a Look at the painting o n p.

    M atch the wo rds a nd clo thes. In pairs, describe the m a n a nd the wom a n. D shoes b Underline the co rrect form of tbe verb, present continuous or D skirt present simple. D top 1 In the painting the man isn't wearing f doesn't wear shoes. D trousers 2 In the UK women often wear f are wearina big hats at wedd ings. Practise saying them. What are the people weari ng?

    What are they do ing? Focus o n th e people and things in below. Which sound do they have, 1 o r 2? Ma rk the sente nces T true o r F fal se. Look at the ty pica l 3 The painting shows their li ving pellings fo r these sound s. There arenext to on the right on the left in the middle two people. The woman is standing and the man is sitting. Describe your picture for your pa rtner to draw. Can you describe it? W hat kind of things?

    Then cover the sentences a nd look at the pa inting.

    New English File Pre-Intermediate - Teacher's Book | FlipHTML5

    Say w he re the thin gs a nd peo ple arc. Describe Je nny a nd Ro b. I What doc Jenny do? Who does Rob call? Complete the You H ear phrases. Hello, reception. This is room Rob says he doesn't li ke the hotel.

    English File Beginner 3d edition- Students book.pdf

    There's a problem with 3 Barbara is Jenny's boss. It isn't 4 Rob is hungry. I'm sorry, sir. I'll somebody up b Watch or liste n again. Say why the F sentences are fa lse. Thank you. I'm sorry to bother remember any o f the m issing words? Social English phrases How can I help you?

    I have a problem with the Wi-fi. I can't get a signal. Jenny Here you at last. I'm sorry sir.

    Rob It's to be here. I'll you through to IT. B I'll send somebody to look at it. How dod Practise the dialogue in 2b with a part ner. A book open You are the receptionist. B book closed You are a guest. You have two problem s with your room D tell somebody about a problem e. A Offer to do something about B's problems. You begi n with Hello, reception. D offer to do somethingf Swap roles.

    Last Oct ober I went on holiday to Thailand for two weeks with my girlfriend, Mia. As k Wily? The holiday began well. But things went wrong when we left Bangkok. I wanted Which do you prefer?

    I wanted to experience staying in a hotel or apartment or going camping the local atmosphere but Mia just wanted to sunbathing, going sight seeing or going for walks go shoppin g. I thought I knew Mia very well, but you don't know a person hot, sunny weather or cool, cloudy weather until you travel with t hem. It wa s awful! We argued about everything.

    It was like being in paradise. The weather was lovely and the beaches were wonderful, but wejust sunbath ed without speaking. We spent our last night back in Bangkok and we went f or a drink with some Australians. That was the end. A read abo ut Joe's ho liday. Find the next day we decided t o break up. Laura 26, a nurse c I'd love to go back 4 What was the weath er Iike? Last spring my best f riend Isabelle and to Venice one day I booked a holiday in Venice.

    We rented but without Linda. Use questio n to help yo u. At th e last moment another friend, Linda, asked if she cou ld come too. We felt sorry for her because she had problems with her boyfriend, so w e said yes. In pairs, gues Venice was magical and the weather was perfect, but t he holiday was a the mean ing of the high Iightcd wo rd s a nd disaster f or one simple r eason: Linda was so mean! She has a goodj ob so phrases. W hose holiday do you thin k was she's not poor, but shejust didn't want to pay f or anything.

    When we went worse? When we went on a gondola she complained that had a holiday th at it was very expensive. When we went to have lunch or yo u d idn't enjoy dinner she always wanted t o go to cheap restaurant s or ver y much? W hat she bought pizzas and ate them in the flat.

    But the night I happe ned? The worst thing was that although Isabelle and I paid for the apartment , Linda never once bought us a coffee or a drink.

    I'd love to go back t o Venice one day Linda talking a bo ut the ho lidays. Firs t liste n to Mia. We wa lked a ro und th e town. What does Mia say about We sunbathed on tbe beach. Then listen again. Venice 2 w hat they did there p Regular past simple verbs 3 the cost of her holiday 4 her next holiday Remember that we don't normally pronounce the e in -ed. The -ed ending is usually pronounced it or ld'. The difference betweend Who do you sy mpathi ze w ith most, Joe or these endings is very small.

    Laura or Linda? We only pronounce the e in -ed when there is a t or a d before it, e. What a re the questions? C heck your answers in Joe's text. JO with? What are the infinitives? Ask yo ur partner about his f her ho liday. S h ow inte rest in' h at in the two texts. H ow do you make B and IT! Then swap roles. How awful! Was it expensive? What happened? Learn mo r e about the past simple and practise it. I wanted to photograph Barack Obama and his family in the Conventiona Look at a pho to which news phorographer center, but when 1 got there 1discovered that 1didn't have To m Pilsto n took in What do you my press pass and 1 couldn't go inside.

    Although it was November. Were you The atmosphere was wonderful. Somec Read it aga in a nd a nswer the questions. They felt that it was their moment. People started laughing, shouting, and crying.

    Do you agree? D o they descri be actions that 2 a time e. A new edition of the best-selling English File, improved throughout with brand new digital components to use inside and outside the classroom. English File Third edition - the best way to get your students talking.

    A blend of completely new lessons, updated texts and activities, together with the refreshing and fine-tuning of some favourite lessons from New English File - English File third edition provides the right mix of language, motivation, and opportunity to get students talking. English File third edition offers more support for teachers and students.

    Teacher's Book provides over photocopiables to save preparation time, plus extra tips and ideas. Students can learn and practise sounds, words and sentences in context - and take wherever they go - with the Pronunciation App. Sample materials available from the English File website. Key Features: Teachers can also use our online Learning Management System to easily manage and measure student progress.

    English File third edition is true to the English File formula: With new, easy-to-manage structure, fresh, contemporary topics, more listening and a brand new video filmed on location London, New York English File third edition supports teaching and learning better than ever.

    To give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience English File third edition comes with brand new digital components:

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